Tuesday, 02. December 2014, 20:50

Ten years ago, in September 2004, were approved the six health reform Acts. To this day the principles of this reform remain well-preserved.This article describes a summary of developments and changes during this period.

Friday, 29. August 2014, 15:46 and
The Ministry of Health (MoH) in August 2014 published a document which aims to provide information on the project of a new university hospital in Bratislava, to be constructed as public-private partnerships (PPP). HPI expresses our expert opinion to the document.
Wednesday, 26. March 2014, 18:46

The current issue of our traditional publication "Health Policy Basic Frameworks", now for the years 2014 – 2016, is focused on the most pungent segment of Slovak health system - hospitals. The authors quantify the investment gap, looking for the resources to cover it, bring examples of modernization of hospitals abroad. A separate chapter is dedicated to the payment mechanism, as well as human resources in healthcare.

Tuesday, 14. May 2013, 10:13

In 2010 Health Policy Institute and rodinka.sk in Slovakia started Maternity Hospital Guide. It is a project to monitor and improve quality of care in Labor and Delivery Rooms. This project brings a new quality assessment in L&DU on the Internet so that pregnant women do not have to rely solely on secondary sources of information, but they can read the direct information from Labor & Delivery Units itself.