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Tuesday, 29. May 2012, 14:47

Health insurance companies will pay hospitals according to the new payment mechanism, DRG system, not sooner than in 2014. From January next year only the reporting and collection of data in hospital will be launched. Currently many of this data are still not available. For this reason the DRG system will be launched from January 1st, 2013 on the level of consistent data collection, which are necessary for the DRG system and which are today not recognized by the system. Payments according to new system may start at the earliest in 2014. 

Thursday, 24. May 2012, 19:38

In hospital in Vranov nad Topľov the reconstructed Radiological department and three new day care centres – neurological, internal and pulmonary, were put into operation. Providing of health care for patients has this way moved to the higher quality level. Day care centres are adapted to the modern outpatient infusion therapy and patients will thus not have to be hospitalized. 

Tuesday, 22. May 2012, 14:42

Faculty hospital in Nitra has a new modern pavilion. In the pavilion will be located internal, neurological a cardiology clinic, about 25 different outpatient clinics, laboratory workstations and central reception. Building required the costs in amount of € 16.657 million, which were covered by structural funds of European Union. Moving of particular workstations to the new pavilion will start during next week.

Monday, 21. May 2012, 21:53

Slovakia will establish the National Transplantation Organization, which will be a coordinating article in all transplantation processes with specific tasks and mandates. Until now the issue of transplantation was handled by Slovak Organ Transplantation Centre, which, however, had no legal personality and was incorporated into the organization structure of Slovak Medical University. To meet the Directive of European Parliament and Council of European Union, Slovakia will transform the center into the separate subsidized organization, as is standard in many european countries.

Friday, 11. May 2012, 10:22

In the hospital in Humenné the reconstructed facilities of reception and outpatient part of children's department was today put into operation. Costs of building project reached an amount of € 15 000. Reconstruction of the children's department was one of this year's investment priorities in the facilities of hospital. Hospital in Humenné belongs to the company Svet zdravia, which proceeds in this year's reconstruction of a network of hospitals that are managed under the terms defined in its investment plan.

Friday, 11. May 2012, 10:19

Slovak mothers are dissatisfied with the acting of maternal clinics right after the childbirth. This resulted from the evaluation through the internet guide of Slovak maternal clinics, on which already 3 650 mothers has participated. As the best was assessed the trust in expertness of medical team during the childbirth. Equally high mothers evaluated also the possibility to have accompanying person at the childbirth and do not undermine the equipment of the delivery rooms. Worst marks were given to maternal clinics for the support of early contact between mother and baby immediately after birth.  

Wednesday, 09. May 2012, 15:16

Honorary President of the Medical Trade Union, Marián Kollár, which led the protests of doctors in time of Iveta Radičová Government and also the second cabinet of Mikuláš Dzurinda, will compete for the chair of President of Slovak Medical Chamber. As candidate he was officially proposed by Bratislava Regional Chamber. He also feels the support from other regional chambers, where he presented his ideas. So far he did not indicate the program, with which he wants to apply for the trust of members and wants to present it on the assembly.

Friday, 04. May 2012, 9:47

Newest methods of unique way of treatment using stem cells were introduced by the world and domestic experts on the prestigious international conference about the adult cell stems. Experts were invited to Bratislava by MEP Miroslav Mikolášik, who says that these cells are unique not only in research, but especially for their incredible potential for the treatment of further serious diseases.  Umbilical cord blood, umbilical cord tissue, bone marrow and fat are sources of adult stem cells, to which the modern biomedical research predicts a huge therapeutic potential.

Friday, 27. April 2012, 14:21

Disabled persons suggested the creation of parliamentary group, which would deal with their problems. According to the President of National Council of Disabled Persons, Branislav Mamojka, it should be a group of members of Parliament from different political parties with different focus and one of the areas, which should be considered intensively and systematically, would be the issue of persons with disabilities. Mamojka informed that group of members of Parliament dealing with the problems of disabled persons is functional also in European Parliament.

Thursday, 29. March 2012, 13:25

Medical rescuers will communicate through the walkie-talkie and therefore they will not rely on the cellular networks. This resulted from the agreement signed between the Director of Operational Medical Emergency Service Centre and the Ministry of Home Affairs. Walkie-talkies should be installed to the ambulances of medical rescue service as well as to the Regional Operational Medical Emergency Service Centres in the forthcoming weeks. Rescuers should this way avoid the dropouts of the cellular networks.