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Monday, 19. March 2012, 17:25

Marián Kollár is no longer the head of Medical Trade Union. On the actual assembly of the trade union he informed its participants, that he resigns from the post of President and does not intend to continue to contest, as he promised by his re-election last year. Assembly chose Peter Visolajský from Faculty hospital in Nitra as a new President of Medical Trade Union.

Wednesday, 14. March 2012, 21:20

Several Slovak hospitals, including Children Cardio-centre in Bratislava, are struggling with the problem of insufficient material and technical equipment. Children Cardio-centre, however, received a gift from the company S&T Slovakia – new special neonatal adjustable bed and the unit for improving of lung functions of babies and small children, which should help doctors with the care of baby patients.

Friday, 09. March 2012, 16:22

Automatic self-aligning defibrillator, which controls the heart rate, was for the first time implanted in East Slovak Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases in Košice. This kind of device was first commercially used in October last year in France. Defibrillator automatically adjusts the parameters, which have been until now adjusted only by the less accurate echocardiography test. 

Thursday, 08. March 2012, 23:10

Robot-assisted operations with the help of Da Vinci technology in hospital in Banská Bystrica are partly covered by the state-owned Všeobecná zdravotná poisťovňa (General Health Insurance Company). Hospital, however, entered into the negotiation also with the private health insurance company Dôvera. Dôvera did not want to specify the interim results of negotiations, daily SME reports. Costs on robot-assisted radical prostatectomy are around € 4 300, while the patient pays € 300 of this amount.

Friday, 02. March 2012, 23:16

Faculty hospital in Banská Bystrica opened a new medical treatment rooms and also the newly established department of robotic surgery. One room is reserved for robot-assisted operations, which hospital, with the help of Da Vinci technology, provides as the only one in Slovakia. Hospital started with robot-assisted operations in March last year. Robot arms are controlled by the surgeon with the control console and video system.

Wednesday, 29. February 2012, 16:26

Spa Vyšné Ružbachy established the first Centre of complex cardiovascular rehabilitation in Slovakia. Its services respond to the recommendations of European group for cardiac rehabilitation, as well as the Working Group of cardiovascular rehabilitation of Slovak Cardiologic Society. The main task of the Centre is to provide the follow-up treatment and cardiovascular rehabilitation for patients after myocardial infarction and heart surgeries.

Wednesday, 22. February 2012, 10:18

Bratislava's Old Town district together with Regional Public Healthcare Authority in Bratislava opened a new Health advisory centre. This centre will provide free expert advice on how to strengthen health, prevent chronic diseases, stop smoking or prevent mental disorders. According to the main Hygienist of Slovak Republic these preventive activities have not only a great importance for seniors, but they also have a positive economic effect for the state. 

Wednesday, 08. February 2012, 17:14

J. A. Reiman Faculty Hospital in Prešov introduced these days, as the first healthcare institution in Slovakia, wearing of identification bracelets for all patients. This innovation should facilitate the work of healthcare staff and reduce the risk of misidentification of hospitalized persons, which may result in an incorrect given treatment. Bracelets are colour coded according to severity of diagnosis of their bearers. New is also the verification form, which is being signed before the surgery.