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Health Policy Basic Frameworks 2014-2016

The current issue of our traditional publication "Health Policy Basic Frameworks", now for the years 2014 – 2016, is focused on the most pungent segment of Slovak health system - hospitals. The authors quantify the investment gap, looking for the resources to cover it, bring examples of modernization of hospitals abroad. A separate chapter is dedicated to the payment mechanism, as well as human resources in healthcare.


Country report on health policy

Authors from the Health Policy Institute present the current health care system in Slovakia in prestigious Observatory series Health Systems in Transition.

Understanding informal patient payments in Kosovo’s healthcare system

The topic of this paper focuses on informal patient payments in Kosovo public health care system, and it includes an analysis of current anti-corruption institutions and policies as well as a description of findings from focus groups with regard to perceptions of doctors’ and patients’ about informal patient payments.

Slovakia does not have to pay 130 million

Slovakia succeeded in international arbitration with the Austrian bank European American Investment Bank AG (Euram). In 2007, the company acquired a 51 percent of the shares in the insurance company Apollo. The arbitral tribunal did not say whether Slovakia harmed the company Euram; in favour of Slovakia decided because Euram has also turned to other courts. Arbitration is now stopped. About who will pay the costs and attorneys' millions of euros, the court should decide on further session of the court. It is therefore possible that Slovakia will pay for their lawyers and even some of the costs; however, State does not have to pay compensation to 131 million euros, which Euram Bank requested. The arbitral tribunal may decide that lawyers and other legal charges will be paid by Euram Bank

Change in fees in the outpatient care

Ministry of Health introduced changes in fees. Issuance recipe, acknowledgment of passes to work under treatment, ordering on preferred examination if the doctor cannot make appointment within five days - in these cases, doctors in outpatient departments soon could not charge fees. Legislative proposal should be given for comments in the coming days. The new legislation does not provide the exact amount of the fees or their limits. Fees shall be adopted by doctors themselves; however, their price lists will be approved by self-governing regions. Amendment also specifies what document must be evidence of payment. Ministry warns that the doctor has to issue it automatically, not on request by patient. The new system could be valid in autumn this year.

New hospital in Bratislava in 2017

New Bratislava University Hospital could be ready for patients at the end of 2017. Its construction should take a year and a half. This results from the feasibility study, which was partly published by the Ministry of Health. This study cost 720 thousand million, excluding value added tax and was paid by Ministry. After the withdrawal of study by the government, the Ministry begins to choose an investor that will build and operate hospital. The new hospital will also serve to provide education and research. Hostpil should be built in the area of Hospital of st. Michael located in Patrónka. According to initial calculations by the Ministry of Health announced before the actual study, the hospital should cost around 250 million euros.