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Health Policy Basic Frameworks 2014-2016

The current issue of our traditional publication "Health Policy Basic Frameworks", now for the years 2014 – 2016, is focused on the most pungent segment of Slovak health system - hospitals. The authors quantify the investment gap, looking for the resources to cover it, bring examples of modernization of hospitals abroad. A separate chapter is dedicated to the payment mechanism, as well as human resources in healthcare.


Country report on health policy

Authors from the Health Policy Institute present the current health care system in Slovakia in prestigious Observatory series Health Systems in Transition.

Childbirths in the EU will be reimbursed by HIC

From 1 October 2013 Slovak Health insurance companies (HIC) will reimburse planned childbirth in the countries of the European Union. The insurance company will reimburse it up to a maximum average price for delivery in Slovakia. According to the legislation changes, for birth will mother pay directly in foreign birth centre and after that will request for refunding health insurance company. Reimbursed amount is the average price for the same performance in Slovakia. All three health insurance returned for childbirth about the same amount around € 600 for the birth itself and about 500 euros per child care.

The Ministry of Health distributed another licenses

The Ministry of Health has released the results of the second round of the tender for the license for providing ambulances. Within it Ministry reallocated licenses to operate 124 ambulances of ground emergency medical service. As is apparent from the results, the most of them received Falck Záchranná, Záchranná a dopravná zdravotnícka služba Bratislava, Záchranná služba Košice and ZaMED. Licences are valid for next six years, not four as it was in past. The first round of the tender was not successful for several regional hospitals. Their stations were acquired by private or public companies. In the second round several hospitals, on the contrary, obtain the licenses to continue the existing station.

GP´s will be able to do Pre-operative Assessment

At Slovakia are pre-operative assessments made about quarter million times per year. This examination should be easier for patients from now. The Ministry of Health plans to enable its performing from March by general practitioners, both for children and adults. So patients will no longer have to visit the internist. Currently, without visiting internist is impossible to be hospitalized. As explained by the main expert of Ministry of Health, for general practitioner is it possibility and not an obligation. Condition for providing this assessment is for example to have the ECG, which is not mandatory equipment for GP´s, however, many of general practitioners have it.

Debt continues to grow

Debt of healthcare facilities to the Social insurance company grows even further this year. The end of January facilities owed on premiums € 89.7 million. Monthly their claims increased by more than 3.3 million. Accounts receivables of state-owned medical facilities have reached at the end of January this year more than 58 million euros. It is a monthly increase by nearly 2.7 million euros. Debt of transformed medical facilities was more than 31.6 million euros. Per month it increased by € 673,000. Social Insurance company register 21 healthcare facilities with the claims. Of these, five are state-owned and 16 are transformed healthcare facilities.