Profits of HIC amounted to € 69 mil. last year

Wednesday, 17. September 2014, 19:45

Economic results of health insurance companies (HIC) for the year 2013 decreased from the same period of 2012 by € 21.5 million. HIC reached profit of 68.7 million euros last year. Most has worsened State General Health Insurance Company (Všeobecná zdravotná poisťovňa) compared to 2012. While in 2012 ended with a profit of 26.3 million, for 2013 reached € 15.6 million. Achieved profit was lower by about 10.7 million euros. Highest profit last year reached private insurance company Dôvera – 46.5 million euros. Compared to 2012 was less by 1.4 million. Another private HIC Union reached positive result of € 6.6 million last year. In 2012, however, reported a profit of almost 16 million euros. Revenue of HIC amounted to 4,316.9 million euros, compared to 2012 is it an increase of 274.1 million euros. Contribution collection rate reached almost 97 percent last year. Compared to last year, percentage of premium collection fell by 2.19 percent. Total insurance expenses in 2013 were at almost 4.2 billion euros.