Counsellor for three million

Wednesday, 05. June 2013, 22:09

Government approved the draft of terms of the public procurement for the counsellor for the introduction of a unitary system of public health insurance. The counsellor should appreciate for example the value of private health insurance companies. As can be seen from the material, conditions are set so that participate on procurement can only firms with experience. More concrete, they must have had at least three contracts in the last three years, for which received at least half a million. The condition of high rewards is not liked by more lawyers. Reward for counsellor may vary at three million. The Ministry of Health justified the price by the fact that such large and complex transactions require the participation of a qualified counsellor with human and technical capacities, and sufficient expertise. Counsellor should be known in August. Contracting authority is Company for introduction of unitary system of public health insurance.