Szalay Tomáš

Tuesday, 30. December 2014, 6:00


Health Policy Analyst

Educational attainment

Comenius University in Bratislava, Faculty of Medicine – MD. (1996)

Current position and ownership relationships

Co-founder of Central & East European Health Policy Network, since 2011
PhD student at the Faculty of Health and Social Work, Trnava University, since 2010
Co-owner of Klient Pro SK, Ltd., since 2010
Co-owner of Health Management Academy, Ltd., since 2007
Co-owner of HPI Consulting, Ltd., since 2005
Partner of Health Policy Institute, since 2005

Important jobs

Advisor to the Minister of Health Ivan Uhliarik, 2010–2011
Consultant for Apollo Health Insurance Company, 2007
A member of Health Minister Rudolf Zajac´s reform team, 2003–2004
A spokesman for the Ministry of Health, 2002–2003
Editor, anchor, manager of TV Markíza, 1996–2002