Executive Director of Health Policy Institute is Tomáš Szalay.

Tuesday, 30. December 2014, 6:00

Tomáš Szalay, M.D. (*1971) is founding partner and executive director of Health Policy Institute. From 1996 to 2002 he was an editor and TV anchor of private TV channel Markíza. In 2002–2004 he was first spokesperson, then member of health reform team at the Slovak Ministry of Health. His domain of interest is health policy, access to health care and health care legislation.

Tuesday, 30. December 2014, 4:00
Angelika Szalayová, M.D.(*1974) is the founding partner and chief analyst of Health Policy Institute. She is also a former member of the reform team of the Minister of Health Rudolf Zajac, where she was responsible for pharmacetutical policy in the Slovak and Czech Republic. She is an expert on drug policy, managed care and health insurance company policies.
Tuesday, 30. December 2014, 0:00
Ing. Karol Morvay (*1973) is a senior analyst at Health Policy Institute, assistant professor at the University of Economics in Bratislava and the former advisor to the Prime Minister Iveta Radičová for labour market policy. He is an expert in macroeconomic analyses, economic policy and economic theory.
Tuesday, 30. December 2014, 2:00
Mag. Mária Pourová (*1983) is a senior analyst at Health Policy Institute. She is focused on healthcare financing, organization of the healthcare system and health insurance systms, process management and managed care.
Tuesday, 30. December 2014, 1:00
Mgr. Roman Mužik (*1986) is a senior analyst at Health Policy Institute, deputy chief editor of the monthly Health Policy and PhD candidate at the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences. He focuses on accessiblity, corruption and transparency in healthcare.
Tuesday, 30. December 2014, 0:00
Mgr. Katarína Skybová (*1982) is a project manager for numerous projects at Health Policy Institute. She focuses on marketing, PR and project management.
Tuesday, 30. December 2014, 0:00
Mgr. Jana Andelová (*1987) is junior analyst at Health Policy Institute and analyst at Klient PRO SK, s.r.o. Among her activities belongs analysis of healthcare providers and analysis of processes in health insurance companies with focus on purchasing and revision activities.
Tuesday, 30. December 2014, 0:00
Slavica Karajičić MSc. (*1982) is researcher at Health Policy Institute. She focus on policy analysis, regulations and quality health care issues, mainly on perspective of in vitro fertilization.