Pharmacists have a problem of providing 170 pharmaceuticals

Tuesday, 07. January 2014, 21:51

Pharmacists have for the first time announced a list of more than 170 pharmaceuticals which they have problem of providing them to the patients.  The list contains pharmaceuticals for serious diseases. The biggest part is composed of oncological pharmaceuticals, then pharmaceuticals for rheumatism and asthma, anemia and pharmaceuticals for treating HIV. The reason of this situation is not only the export of pharmaceuticals abroad but also the fact that they even do not reach the Slovak market. Ministry of Health Care refuses the problem of unavailability and blames the pharmacists for spreading of a hoax. Yet the pharmacists insist on the claim that the medications for patients are not available. Ministry of Health Care at the same time gave a fine for the first time in the amount of 10.000 euros because of unavailable medication and plans to continue with this. Currently it investigates the unavailability of four other pharmaceuticals.