Two-three shift service; prison is postponed

Wednesday, 20. February 2013, 20:37


The Ministry of Health wanted to enforce that the physicians, nurses and other health professionals had to start work during the state of emergency. According to the Act, the doctors and nurses could be threatening not only by a fine to € 3300, but also by the prison. If somebody avoids going to work, could be threatening by to two years in prison. If there will be severe damage to the health of the patient or patient will die, the penalty may be extended to five years.

The proposal did not like even the largest medical organization bringing together trade unionists in Europe – the European Federation of Salaried Doctors (FEMS).

The proposal was finally withdrawn. Amendment to Act on providers has a milder version, which allows introducing a two-three shift service after consultation with the union. Amendment should come into force from April 2013.