Doctors are afraid of criminalization

Monday, 27. May 2013, 17:57

Slovak Medical Chamber do not like the proposed legislative changes which tighten the integrity of health workers and bring the threat of prison, fines or loss of licence for those who during the state of emergency will not come to work. The proposed changes considered the chamber as unjustifiable interference with the fundamental rights of health workers to practice their profession. The head of the Slovak Medical Chamber Marian Kollar said that the parliamentary proposal to revise the Criminal Code is not intended to ensure the performance of work during the crisis, but is only “a baton for health professionals“. Chairman of Medical Trade Unions Peter Visolajský argues that laws containing the threat of imprisonment, fines and loss of licence are only the impetus for doctors to go abroad, what can harm the patients. Spokeswoman of Ministry of Health said that there is no criminalization of doctors, but if doctor during the crisis intentionally harm the patient, he must take the appropriate sanctions.