The salaries of doctors will increase

Monday, 27. May 2013, 18:05

Government approved the proposal that guarantees next stage of increasing the salaries of doctors. The proposal of amendment to the Act on Health Insurance, which modify the salaries, is based on an agreement between the Minister of Health and Medical Trade Unions association. Salaries of doctors will rise two times. Necessary funds for increasing of salaries must find hospitals by themselves, whereas for this purpose are not allocated any special resources. Small and medium-sized hospitals associated under the Association of Hospitals of Slovakia (AHS) do not have money for further increasing the salaries. AHS therefore wants to initiate negotiations with insurance companies to raise funds for small and medium-sized hospitals. Since January 2014, salaries should increase on 1.25-fold of the average national wage for the doctors without attestation and 2.1-fold for the doctors with attestation.