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Saturday, 08. November 2014, 23:28
Ministry of Health addressed up to 110 companies with the proposal to build and operate a new hospital in Bratislava – the first project of the hospital to be set up through the private-public partnership. Interested were 26 companies from 12 countries, specifically ten developers, seven financial institutions, six operators and three consortiums. Ministry wants to have a dialogue with investors before announcing public procurement.
Wednesday, 17. September 2014, 21:50

Six of the seven public limited companies of Ministry of Health ended last year in the black numbers. Specifically: National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases, Hospital  Poprad, Central Slovakia Institute of Cardiovascular Disease, Eastern Slovakia Cancer Center, East Slovakia Institute of Cardiovascular diseases and General Health Insurance Company. As it is also clear from the report that Government approved, the negative result was at Air-force Military Hospital, exactly minus € 152,000. However, the ministry report shows that management has improved.

Wednesday, 17. September 2014, 21:47

Health care facilities owed on premiums to Social Insurance Agency at the end of July 2014 over € 104.8 million. Since the beginning of the year their claims increased by € 18.5 million. Claims against state-owned medical facilities reached 69.6 million euros. Per month thus increased by 2.2 million euros. The increase of receivables due to non-payment is recorded at Bratislava University and Children's Hospital, as well as at Teaching Hospital in Banska Bystrica. Debts of transformed health care facilities accounted for more than 35.2 million euros. Per month thus increased by € 520,000.

Wednesday, 17. September 2014, 19:18

Twelve regional hospitals belonging to network of hospitals Svet zdravia began with the general exchange of benches for sitting. In the waiting room will be gradually installed 1,200 new benches with 4,100 seats until mid-September. The value of the investment is € 160,000. The first delivery of benches received Hospital in Rožňava and Trebišov. The new benches according to the company offer good ergonomic seats, durability and easy maintenance of hygiene. Financial partner of the project is a healthcare insurance company Dôvera.

Friday, 29. August 2014, 15:46 and
The Ministry of Health (MoH) in August 2014 published a document which aims to provide information on the project of a new university hospital in Bratislava, to be constructed as public-private partnerships (PPP). HPI expresses our expert opinion to the document.
Wednesday, 16. July 2014, 0:49

New Bratislava University Hospital could be ready for patients at the end of 2017. Its construction should take a year and a half. This results from the feasibility study, which was partly published by the Ministry of Health. This study cost 720 thousand million, excluding value added tax and was paid by Ministry. After the withdrawal of study by the government, the Ministry begins to choose an investor that will build and operate hospital. The new hospital will also serve to provide education and research. Hostpil should be built in the area of Hospital of st. Michael located in Patrónka. According to initial calculations by the Ministry of Health announced before the actual study, the hospital should cost around 250 million euros. 

Wednesday, 16. July 2014, 0:47

Health care facilities owed at the end of May 2014 on premium to Social Insurance Agency over € 98.6 million. Since the beginning of the year their claims increased by € 12.3 million. Claims of state medical facilities reached 64.9 million euros. Monthly increased by 1.7 million euros. The increase of receivables due to non-payment is recorded in the Bratislava University Hospital, Bratislava  Children's Hospital and the National Transfusion Service. Debts of transformed medical facilities accounted more than 33.7 million euros. Per month thus increased by € 286,000. The increases of receivables arising from non-payment of monthly premiums were recorded at the six facilities.

Wednesday, 16. July 2014, 0:45

In next four years should be the people from Michalovce city and its surrounding residents treated in a modern hospital. It will be built by company Svet zdravia, backed by a financial group Penta. On the project is cooperating also Kosice city and Kosice higher territorial unit. A new health pavilion will be built in the area of today's hospital. Construction costs are estimated at 34 million euros. The new hospital will offer 186 rooms; 80 of them will be single. Rooms will have a mobile wall and, if necessary, can be magnified. For example, when a multiple accident occur bed capacity at the Department of Traumatology will increase at the expense of Surgery Department and vice versa. Flexible beds capacity will range from 301 to 381.

Tuesday, 03. June 2014, 20:28

According to survey realized by private health insurance Dôvera between its 3,500 policyholders, patient satisfaction with inpatient hospital decreased year on year. Patients rated the hospitals like the schools, marks from one to five. Hospital services and medical care received an average mark of 1.7, last year it was 1.6. Became worse the teaching, general and specialized hospitals. According to director of Dôvera, there may be two explanations for the situation. Patients may be more exacting, and thus critical. At the same time the survey included more younger patients which tend to be more critical. Least satisfied people are with stay in teaching hospitals.

Tuesday, 03. June 2014, 13:52

Medical facilities owed at the end of March to Social Insurance Agency in Slovakia over € 95.6 million. Since the beginning of the year, their claims increased by € 9.3 million. Claims of state-owed medical facilities reached 62.8 million euros. Only by month increased by almost 2.1 million euros. Debts of transformed medical facilities amount more than 32.8 million euros. Per month increased by € 643,000. The increase of receivables due to not paying monthly charges was recorded in 11 facilities. Social Insurance Agency registered a total of 22 monitored medical facilities with the claim. Of these, six are state-owned and 16 transformed healthcare facilities.