Some of hospitals pay for electricity more than was necessary

Friday, 07. February 2014, 13:44

According to the conclusion of the organization Transparency International Slovensko (TIS) which compared nine biggest procurers, one third of the state-owned hospitals was buying the electricity for a higher price than was necessary. TIS declares that three hospitals could have saved 450,000 euros yearly. At the same time they pointed out that Ministry of health, despite the plans, have not realized the central purchase of electricity. There was an estimated saving of 10 % from this step. Among the hospitals with high-priced electricity is Teaching hospital of Bratislava. Last year it purchased electricity by the form of negotiating without making it public. The price should be high also according to the amount of consumption. Stredoslovenský ústav srdcových a cievnych chorôb, which has compared to Teaching hospital in Bratislava consumption lower than one tenth, pays for 1 MWh by 12 euros less.