Wednesday, 04. May 2011, 16:37

Our ideas make better healthcare.



  1. Against the backdrop of growing medical care costs driven by high expectations of citizens, ageing of the population, changing structure of illnesses and technological advances it is the mission of the Health Policy Institute to:
    • promote values which support financially sustainable health systems responding flexibly to the needs of the population;
    • promote innovative solutions at the level of health systems, the level of health insurance companies and the level of providers in order to achieve a higher efficiency in the provision of health services;
    • promote client-oriented approach to the insured and patients.
  2. The first assumption to promoting these values is the understanding of health as an individual asset. The Health Policy Institute will promote such health policy which motivates every citizen to improving his or her own health state.
  3. The second assumption is the highest possible decentralization of decision-making. The Health Policy Institute supports market mechanisms in the health sector wherever they are demonstrably more efficient than state intervention. The Health Policy Institute will therefore promote efficient regulation of the extent of provided health care, flexible setting of the minimum network, and maximum prices which are sufficiently motivating, as basic tools of the health care policy. It will be the task of the private sector to give content to these regulations.
  4. Solidarity is the third most important value. The Health Policy Institute promotes a system of compulsory public medical insurance which gives every insured the right to equal care at equal needs. Due to the fact that in health care the unlimited desire for immortality meets the strict world of economy, solidarity must have clearly defined boundaries to prevent its abuse and to prevent the wasting of scarce resources for medically ineffective and economically inefficient interventions.
  5. The Health Policy Institute will therefore advocate such operation of health care systems in Slovakia and elsewhere which promote the responsibility of the patient, responsibility of the provider and responsibility of the health care purchasers.