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Health Policy Institute focuses on analyses of health systems and consultancies on health policy in Central and Eastern European countries. We advocated the values embedded in our Mission in following projects:

Country Year Activity Further references will provide
Czech Republic 2012 Study: nominal premiums and the possibility of its implementation Martin Vydra and Tomáš Červinka
General Health Insurance Company
Belarus 2012 Consultation on Health Tourism Project Andrea Cox
Project manager of Pontis Foundation
Slovakia 2012 Study: Voluntary Health Insurance Sarah Thomson a Anna Sagan
London School of Economics and Political Science
CEE 2012 Strategic Scenarios 2020: The Future of CEE Healthcare Ivan Perlaki
Facilitator for Strategic Scenarios exercise
Slovakia 2011 Health Systems in Transition Josep Figueras
European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies
Reinhard Busse
Berlin University of Technology
Slovakia 2011 Study: Out-of-pocket payments Sarah Thomson and Anna Sagan
London School of Economics and Political Science
Slovakia 2011 Financial stabilization of hospitals Ivan Mikloš
Slovak Minister of Finance
Poland 2011 Portrety szpitali – project of benchmarking hospitals Dariusz Wasilewski
Director of Instytut Wiedza i Zdrowie
Dorota Korenik
professor at Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny Wrocław
Slovakia 2010

Technical assistance in the drafting of legislation Ivan Uhliarik
Slovak Minister of Health
Belarus 2009 A meeting with the opposition leaders in Belarus Lenka Surotchak
Executive Director of Pontis Foundation
Slovakia 2009 Consultants in the field of Structural Funds in Slovakia Andrzej Rysz
Czech Republic 2007

Advisors on health reform Tomáš Julínek
Czech Minister of Health
Pavel Hroboň
Minister’s deputy
Brasil 2008 Creation of effective campaigns João Paulo Altenfelder
Executive director of GESC
Poland 2008 Health insurance as a part of health system reform Piotr Kuszewski and Paweł Kalbarczyk
PZU Życie SA
Romania 2008 European Health Academy Vladimír Finsterle
Milan Cabrnoch
Member of the European Parliament
Slovakia 2007 General Health Policy Framework for 2007-2010 Igor Dorčák and Eduard Kováč Association of Health Insurance Companies in Slovakia
Hungary 2007 Potential risks of health insurance reform in Hungary Zsombor Kovácsy
Chairmain of the Surveillance Authority
Hungary 2006 Advisors on health reform Lajos Molnár
Hungarian Minister of Health
Czech Republic 2006 Reimbursement Committee Vladimír Kothera
President of the Association of Health Insurance Funds in Czech Republic
Slovakia 2006 Advisors Ján Gajdoš
Chairman of Health Surveillance Authority
Hungary 2006 Methodology and benchmarks for minimum providers’ network definition Gyula Király
Director of ESKI
Slovakia 2006 Definition of minimum providers’ network Rudolf Zajac
Slovak Minister of Health
Slovakia 2006 General Health Policy Framework for 2006-2010 Igor Dorčák and Eduard Kováč
Združenie zdravotných poisťovní SR
Czech Republic 2005 Fiscal study Mukesh Chawla
World Bank
Hungary 2005 Fiscal study Mukesh Chawla
World Banka
Romania 2005 Consultancy on health insurance legislation Alan Fairbank
Bulgaria 2005 Analysis and recommendations for health policy Reema Nayar and Peter Pojarski
World Bank
Croatia 2005 Consultancy on the definition of basic benefit package Neven Ljubičič
Croatian Minister of Health
EU-8 countries 2005 Fiscal sustainability Mukesh Chawla
World Bank
Slovakia 2002

Preparation of Slovak health reform and its legislation Rudolf Zajac
Slovak Minister of Health