Several regional hospitals have lost their licenses

Thursday, 17. October 2013, 9:56

The first round of the tender for licenses for emergency ambulance did not end successfully for several regional hospitals. They have been replaced by private or state companies. Emergency ambulances (EMTs) are considered one of the most profitable areas in the health sector, so hospitals will probably miss the sources. Licences will be re redistributed after six years. As is clear from the published results of the tender, the licenses to operate 76 ambulances ground emergency medical services are reallocate among the LSE-Life Star EmergencyFalck ZáchrannáZáchranná a dopravná zdravotnícka služba Bratislava and Záchranná služba Košice. Conversely, the licenses lost hospitals in TrstenáČadcaBojnice, Spišská Nová VesMyjavaPartizánskeNámestovo and Poprad. Regional Hospitals wish to appeal against the results of the first round of the tender for EMTs.