Penta wants both – build and manage the new hospital

Friday, 07. February 2014, 13:12

Financial group Penta has confirmed the intention to build the new hospital in Bratislava. It assumes that it can build it at lower cost than is the estimation of Ministry of Health. The hospital will be built instead of a 30 year unfinished building of Rázsochy. State wants to build the completely new hospital in the part of Bratislava called Patrónka next to the military hospital. The new facility will replace some hospitals which belong under teaching hospital and are in bad condition. The most mentioned are the hospitals located in Kramáre and at Mickiewiczova street. State wants to use the PPP model to build a new hospital, i.e. it will look for a partner who would build it. The ministry estimates that the new hospital with 775 beds will cost 250 million euros.