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Saturday, 08. November 2014, 23:28
Ministry of Health addressed up to 110 companies with the proposal to build and operate a new hospital in Bratislava – the first project of the hospital to be set up through the private-public partnership. Interested were 26 companies from 12 countries, specifically ten developers, seven financial institutions, six operators and three consortiums. Ministry wants to have a dialogue with investors before announcing public procurement.
Wednesday, 17. September 2014, 19:18

Twelve regional hospitals belonging to network of hospitals Svet zdravia began with the general exchange of benches for sitting. In the waiting room will be gradually installed 1,200 new benches with 4,100 seats until mid-September. The value of the investment is € 160,000. The first delivery of benches received Hospital in Rožňava and Trebišov. The new benches according to the company offer good ergonomic seats, durability and easy maintenance of hygiene. Financial partner of the project is a healthcare insurance company Dôvera.

Wednesday, 17. September 2014, 19:14

From next year in Slovakia should start operating new types of medical facilities – integrated centers. Centers should concentrate doctors, along with social workers at one place. In the pilot program, the Ministry of Health wants to try three to ten centers. State has not yet decided where will be built the first center. Ministry wants to start their construction or reconstruction of existing health centers next year. Together should be built 140 such centers in towns and larger villages. One center should operate for about 30-thousand people. The part of the reform, which involves building these centers and it is estimated to about ten years, is also change of hospitals.

Wednesday, 16. July 2014, 0:49

New Bratislava University Hospital could be ready for patients at the end of 2017. Its construction should take a year and a half. This results from the feasibility study, which was partly published by the Ministry of Health. This study cost 720 thousand million, excluding value added tax and was paid by Ministry. After the withdrawal of study by the government, the Ministry begins to choose an investor that will build and operate hospital. The new hospital will also serve to provide education and research. Hostpil should be built in the area of Hospital of st. Michael located in Patrónka. According to initial calculations by the Ministry of Health announced before the actual study, the hospital should cost around 250 million euros. 

Wednesday, 16. July 2014, 0:45

In next four years should be the people from Michalovce city and its surrounding residents treated in a modern hospital. It will be built by company Svet zdravia, backed by a financial group Penta. On the project is cooperating also Kosice city and Kosice higher territorial unit. A new health pavilion will be built in the area of today's hospital. Construction costs are estimated at 34 million euros. The new hospital will offer 186 rooms; 80 of them will be single. Rooms will have a mobile wall and, if necessary, can be magnified. For example, when a multiple accident occur bed capacity at the Department of Traumatology will increase at the expense of Surgery Department and vice versa. Flexible beds capacity will range from 301 to 381.

Wednesday, 23. April 2014, 21:11

The Antimonopoly Office of the Slovak Republic approved buying hospitals in Žiar nad Hronom and Rimavská Sobota by investment group Penta. Hospitals are also running the facilities in Banská Štiavnica, Kremnica and Žarnovica. Penta will control these hospitals indirectly through the company Svet zdravia. This company already control ten health facilities. Financial group officially announced the transaction in December. Hospitals were bought from entrepreneur Peter Baran, who managed hospitals through the company NaP Holding. The Antimonopoly Office concluded that the concentration of medical facilities in the hands of Penta group will not jeopardize competition in a market.

Friday, 07. February 2014, 13:12

Financial group Penta has confirmed the intention to build the new hospital in Bratislava. It assumes that it can build it at lower cost than is the estimation of Ministry of Health. The hospital will be built instead of a 30 year unfinished building of Rázsochy. State wants to build the completely new hospital in the part of Bratislava called Patrónka next to the military hospital. The new facility will replace some hospitals which belong under teaching hospital and are in bad condition. The most mentioned are the hospitals located in Kramáre and at Mickiewiczova street. State wants to use the PPP model to build a new hospital, i.e. it will look for a partner who would build it. The ministry estimates that the new hospital with 775 beds will cost 250 million euros.

Sunday, 01. December 2013, 23:43

The intention of the government to build a new hospital in Bratislava with the help of private capital appeals to investors. The willingness to cooperate has already been revealed by Penta, the entrepreneur Ivan Kmotrík and the company Medirex. All of them already do business in health sector. It will be the first teaching hospital in Slovakia where a private investor should enter. The construction of new health facility for 250 million euros has to be paid solely by the investor. The investment should be returned to the investor by long-term contracts with health insurance companies, which will be provided by the government. The investor should also administer the hospital for a pre-agreed time whereby the ministry would lose a part of its reach on the operation of the facility. However, it claims it does not mean privatization yet a PPP project.

Thursday, 17. October 2013, 10:03

In the centre of Bratislava begins construction of a new building of Hospital of St. Michael, which belongs under the Ministry of Interior. Work on the hospital was officially opened by tapping on the foundation stone by Minister of Interior Robert Kaliňák, Minister of Health Zuzana Zvolenska and hospital director Marian Križko. The project, according to preliminary estimates, will require 49.7 million euros. Two thirds of this amount is earmarked for the construction of the building, the rest should be used for equipment. According to Kaliňák, the construction of a hospital will finance hospital by itself, seeing that the money for this purpose has already got more than five years from the state-owned assets.

Friday, 28. December 2012, 21:11

Investment group Penta once again strengthen its position in the Czech Republic. It bought another network of pharmacies - SimonPharma, with sales of € 19.9 million. The largest network of pharmacies Dr. Max with 279 branches will get another six and also the internet pharmacy DocSimon. Network of pharmacies Dr. Max in the Czech Republic manage Penta by the company Česká lekárna. In November, Antimonopoly Office has approved the acquisition of pharmacy network Lloyds and GehePharma Praha by Penta. Česká lekárna in 2010 reached sales of € 0.32 billion and control one-tenth of all pharmacies in the Czech Republic.