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Tuesday, 03. June 2014, 20:26

Slovaks will not have electronic insurance card from 2016. eHealth project is again postponed. According to new estimates should start in 2017. Ministry of Health cancels the tender for over 40 million euros excluding VAT on the software solution for the National Health Information System (NHIS), which is necessary for the computerization of healthcare. The tender was also attacked by the one of the unsuccessful candidates, so Public Procurement Office is solving the situation. The Ministry points out that given the time delay in the project the spending of EU funds might not be done. In this case, there is threat that all funds have to be returned.

Tuesday, 07. January 2014, 21:46

Project eHealth is financed from the operational program Informatization of Society (OPIS) which is controlled by Ministry of Finance (MoF). MoF requires the Ministry of Health Care to return 3.9 million euros which is ten percent of the amount which the European Union (EU) gave on eHealth. The reason is the clause in the contracts with two software companies from 2011. This was agreed and approved by the Ministry of Finance under Ivan Mikloš and later under Peter Kažimír described as unacceptable and refused to repay. New administration of MoF evaluated commissioning of new software orders by a common clause as a infringing the rules by which are governed the EU funds. Current minister of health care Zuzana Zvolenská judges the case as a failure of previous minister of health care Ivan Uhliarik.

Friday, 28. December 2012, 21:09

Ministry of Health has submitted a proposal of Act on National Health Information System. This creates a basic legal framework for Information. As can be seen from the material, policyholders should get a health insurance card with an electronic chip until the end of 2015. This would allow electronic identification of citizens. Proposal of Act in addition introduces concepts such as electronic medical history, patient summary and electronic health record. It also introduces electronic health professional card and electronic insurance card. It also creates the conditions for electronic prescriptions of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and dietary supplements. 

Thursday, 12. January 2012, 18:41

According to National Health Information Centre doctors are afraid of implementation of eHealth into the practise and of transferring of documentation into the computers. Doctors allegedly do not believe that this change will simplify their work with the documentation about patient. They will be, however, able to use their current systems, which are already installed in their computers and these will be integrated into the National Health Information System. Another benefit of new system should be electronic signature, which will help to create electronic medical documentation. The system should also, inter alia, avoid the duplication of administrative steps.

Thursday, 12. January 2012, 17:29

Year 2013 should bring real benefits in the form of computerization of medical services and processes. These should, according to Ministry of Health, increase the quality of health care of citizens, ensure the cost saving in the system, but also reduce errors and mistakes and bring higher satisfaction of citizens with the healthcare. Program of implementation of eHealth continues with the first implementation phase. Main project of this phase will create the bearing part of the National Health Information System.

Tuesday, 18. October 2011, 12:12

Slovakia is at the end of the developed world within the frame of eHealth. Effort of the Ministry of Health of the Slovak republic aims to accelerate the development of eHealth so that first benefits for citizens, health care institutions and state will come in 2013. Statement of preparation analysis of the Program for the implementation of eHealth into practice is currently in proceedings. The government is committed to develop and complete the implementation of eHealth by meeting the needs of Slovak health care system and EU strategy.