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Wednesday, 23. April 2014, 21:10

At Teaching Hospital in Nové Zámky is more than 55% probability that caesarean birth takes place. In this hospital in 2012, 52.6 percent of all births were by Caesarean section. The hospital is argued that hospital is centralizing the riskiest cases in pregnancy and each caesarean is medically indicated. Slovak maternity hospitals have higher values on episiotomy, warn analysts from HPI. The World Health Organization recommends that doctors should not use this procedure in more than ten percent of the cases. The Slovak hospitals, however, used it in nearly 60 percent of births.

Thursday, 12. January 2012, 16:04

Association for Prevention of Hospital Infections devolved the Annual Prize for 2011 to the Hospital Zvolen. Hospital received the prize as an expression of the valuation of attained progress and effective efforts in the improving of situation. Hospital Zvolen allegedly attained first of all the improvement in the level of sanitary-epidemiological system, experienced the decrease of appearance of resistant strains on the departments and decrease of the consumption of antibiotics. It also reached the decrease of likelihood of patient colonization by microbes.

Friday, 18. November 2011, 19:05

Hospitals will probably not have to meet the minimum requirements for the material and technical equipment by the end of this year as it is specified in the Decree of the Ministry of Health. According to the Ministry of Health some healthcare providers are actually not able to meet these requirements and so Ministry of Health has decided to give them more time, till the end of 2012. Decree provides, inter alia, the compulsory instrumentation, material and pharmaceutical equipment of the outpatient care and hospitals, but also the number of patients per doctor or nurse in the day or night service.