The hospitals owe to SIC more than 76.6 mil. €

Sunday, 01. December 2013, 23:46

Health care facilities owed at the end of September on insurance for Social insurance company (SIC) more than 76.6 million euros. This means that since the end of the last year their accounts receivable rose by 27.9 million euros. It results from the information of Social insurance company to the government. Accounts receivable towards the government-run health facilities attained at the end of September 47.9 million euros. At the same time the health facilities owe to the suppliers of medical devices 92 million euros. Most of the liabilities represent the liabilities of government-run hospitals. Slovak Association of Medical Device Suppliers (SK-MED) claims that health care facilities by their action violate both the Business code and the European regulation on the fight against delayed payments.