The debt of hospitals still grows

Tuesday, 07. January 2014, 21:44

Governmental analysts have for the first time admitted that the debt of hospitals will this year again exceed the level at which the past governments have already given up and paid the debts of hospitals from the budget. Institute for Financial Policy which belongs under the Ministry of Finance assumes that till the end of the year will the public hospitals have liabilities after maturity in the amount of 330 mil. euros, which is approximately 0.4 percent of GDP. Health care facilities owed at the end of October on premium to Social Insurance Company more than 79.9 million euros. Since the end of the last year have their accounts receivables increased by 31.2 mil euros. Accounts receivables towards state-owned health care facilities attained at the end of October 50.4 million euros. That means they have risen within a month by more than 2.4 million euros.