The debt rose year-to-year by 37.6 million euros

Friday, 07. February 2014, 13:42

Medical facilities owed at the end of December 2013 on the social contributions to Social insurance company more than 86.3 million euros. That represents an increase of accounts receivables by more than 37.6 million euros. Accounts receivables to state-owned medical facilities reached at the end of December the level of almost 55.4 million euros. It is a monthly increase by more than 4.3 million euros. A rise of accounts receivables because of not paying is registered in a hospital in Banská Bystrica, also in hospitals in Bratislava, National transfusion service and Psychiatric hospital in Hronovce. According to minister of health Zuzana Zvolenská, the problematic are hospitals in Bratislava and Banská Bystrica. The debts of transformed facilities constituted 30.9 million euros.