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Tuesday, 01. November 2011, 13:58

Trade unions and Minister of Health Ivan Uhliarik did not agree even after second round of negotiations. More than 2 400 physicians therefore insist on their notices. The Minister reiterated, that in some matters they were able to move forward, but by the others they could not reach an agreement. After the meeting trade unions recapitulated, that they are insufficient by the promises of minister and require legislative assurances for the solution of their requirements. They plan to contact Prime minister and other parliamentary parties to seek the action to ensure the health care in Slovakia.

Tuesday, 18. October 2011, 15:35

According to daily SME from 17/10/2011 the main reasons for dissatisfaction of medical trade unionists are the transformation of the hospitals into joint-stock companies and lack of financial sources in health care system. On Monday, unionists urged the members of Parliament to stop the transformation. Similar view has also former Health minister Richard Raši, who expects Health minister Ivan Uhliarik to stop the transformation. Medical unionists and party Smer, however, deny their cooperation.

Tuesday, 18. October 2011, 15:30

President of Medical trade unions reported on the second wave of notices. He continues in collecting dismissals even from doctors, who, for various reasons, did not participate in the first wave. He is planning to deliver last notices to the directories of hospitals at the end of this month. In late September 2411 notices were collected from 34 hospitals. Currently the estimated amount is about 2500. President of Medical trade unions has repeatedly said, that new political situation does not change the requirements of trade unionists.

Tuesday, 18. October 2011, 15:21

According to Medical trade union the fall of the government does not alter the four requirements and the need for urgent action to ensure a functioning system of health care in Slovakia. Doctors believe that current political situation does not prevent a dialog and the finding of the constructive solutions of emergency situation of the slovak health care. They regard it rather as another reason to stop the transformation of hospitals into joint-stock companies.

Tuesday, 18. October 2011, 12:47

According to daily Hospodárske noviny from 12/10/2011 Trade unions in Faculty hospital for children appeal for director Daniel Žitňan to resign in 24 hours. Allegedly he required doctors to work another 8 hours after 24-hours long service without the rest. However, director sees no reason for resignation. According to him doctors concluded two contracts – one for work through the day and one through the night – and so they work voluntarily.

Tuesday, 18. October 2011, 12:38

Medical trade union continues in collecting of the notices. These are the conclusions of several hours of discussions between trade union and health minister Ivan Uhliarik. The main problem remains the transformation of hospitals into the joint-stock companies.

Tuesday, 18. October 2011, 12:30

Health insurance companies are monitoring the hospitals where physicians handed their notices Všeobecná zdravotná poisťovňa (VšZP) began to establish the exact number of doctors who resigned in particular hospitals. Reason is to provide health care to patients. VšZP is interested in how many doctors are about to leave on 1. December 2011 from various hospital departments and also takes into account the exact number of attested and unattested doctors in these departments.

Tuesday, 18. October 2011, 12:18

According to daily Plus jeden deň from 6/10/2011 negotiating between doctors representatives and Minister Ivan Uhliarik ended up successfully for doctors. They managed to push three of four requirements – compliance with the Labour Code, an increase of salaries of doctors and improving of the sector financing. Minister, however, disagreed with the requirements of the trade unionists to stop the transformation of the hospitals into the joint-stock companies.

Monday, 17. October 2011, 0:03

According to daily SME from 3/10/2011 the Czech republic attracts Slovak doctors. After mass resignation notices in the past week the first Czech hospital has made a recruitment of Slovak physicians. Hospital in Vsetín reportedly does not want to misuse the current situation in Slovakia and highlights a need of doctors from Slovakia. Hospital in Vsetín offers better working conditions and is interested in a wide range of practitioners. 

Thursday, 05. May 2011, 0:57

Compared to other countries, the number of physicians and nurses per capita was similar to those of the EU15 until 2001. After 2001, Slovakia witnessed a continuous fall in the number of physicians and nurses in relation to the population, although their numbers remain above the EU12 average. These changes are closely linked with the migration of doctors and nurses abroad and the restructuring of health care facilities. National data show that, since 2006, the health workforce has started to increase again. Yet the ageing workforce combined with migration of health care workers may reinforce the shortage of health care workers. Although exact data on migration are lacking, this is considered common knowledge.