Thursday, 05. May 2011, 1:02

Dental care is provided by contracted and non-contracted dentists. Dental procedures often necessitate direct payments from the patient. In most cases, SHI only covers basic dental costs, under the condition that the insured patient has had a preventive dental examination in the past calendar year.

Wednesday, 04. May 2011, 16:37
Mission of Health Policy Institute.
Thursday, 05. May 2011, 1:04

Complementary and alternative medical services are predominantly provided in private specialized outpatient departments or specialized facilities. These are not covered by SHI.

Thursday, 05. May 2011, 1:05

Official statistical data on the ethnic composition of the population are not available. It is assumed that approximately 350 000 to 380 000 Roma live in Slovakia. The inclusion of this group is difficult due to their unfavourable social situation, racial prejudice and their long-term dependency on social benefits.