Wednesday, 15. February 2012, 18:39

Some outpatient doctors, after the increasing of the wage for their nurses, will not have enough resources for their own salaries. According to the information of web portal ZdraveZdravotní, if in accordance with the new Act on minimum wage of nurses and midwives the doctor increases the salary of the nurse, his/her own wage might be endangered. This may happen in case, if these increased demands will not be covered by the higher payments from health insurance companies. 

Wednesday, 15. February 2012, 18:32

President Ivan Gašparovič signed the law on minimum wages of nurses and midwives. Act will come into force on April 1st. This Act will increase the minimum wages of nurses and midwives to €640 (up to to € 928, depending on length of work experience). The law affects wages of all nurses and midwives, regardless of the type of employer. Increase of salaries will will cost €77 million in 2012.

Monday, 13. February 2012, 18:27

Slovak Chamber of Nurses and Midwives is asking the President Ivan Gašparovič to sign the law, which will increase their salaries from April. If President wouldn't sign the law, he contributed – according to the Chamber – to the degradation of the nurses and midwives. This appeal came in response to the statement of the Slovak Medical Union of Specialists, which appealed to President not to sign the increasing of salaries of nurses. The head of the Union argues that there are no resources for higher salaries and increasing of salaries can cause serious problems to the outpatient clinics.

Friday, 10. February 2012, 18:24

Association of the Hospitals in Slovakia, which associates small non-state hospitals, is once again highlighting the lack of resources for higher wages of doctors and nurses. After yesterday’s negotiation with private health insurance companies Dôvera and Union, the Association informed that the slight increasing of funds, which have been offered by both insurance companies to the regional hospitals, will not be enough. Association therefore wants the Government to release € 50 million from the state treasury for the Ministry of Health.

Thursday, 09. February 2012, 14:48

Reportedly up to € 37 million may be missing this year to cover increased salaries of doctors and nurses. According to the estimates of health insurance companies, for the increased salaries of doctors and nurses about € 117 million will be needed. Health insurance companies are allegedly expecting that the changes in pharmaceutical policy will save around € 40 million and they will obtain another € 40 million from the higher premium collection.

Wednesday, 08. February 2012, 17:04

According to the President of the Association of Private Doctors Ladislav Pázstor, about quarter of GPs for children, one fifth of GPs for for adults and part of pulmonary doctors may terminate their profession. The reason? The recently adopted Act on higher wages of nurses and the fact, that private doctors do not have sufficient resources from the payments of insurance companies. Considering the increase of costs, most at risk are allegedly the rural outpatient clinics. Ministry however claims that the cessation of clinics will not happen because Všeobecná zdravotná poisťovňa increased the payments for these clinics for the 1st quarter of 2012 by 7%.