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Monday, 08. October 2012, 18:18

Current management of Ministry of Health does not consider the actual grouping of pharmaceuticals as ideal and result of this is, according to Ministry, a situation when surcharges for pharmaceuticals are decreasing. Ministry has thus prepared the proposal of the Decree, which should in future prevent such a situation. Decree adjusting the methods of setting of maximum amount of payment from health insurance company for the standard amount of pharmaceuticals included in categorization list of pharmaceuticals is currently in the commentary proceeding.

Monday, 01. October 2012, 20:22

Bonuses and discounts, offered by pharmacies in loyalty systems, will probably end next year. Government has approved the proposal of Minister of Health Zuzana Zvolenská, which prohibits them. Pharmacies will be able to offer the discounts by over-the-counter pharmaceuticals even after the governmental ban only if they would not mean a bonus for purchasing of prescription pharmaceuticals. If Parliament and President will approve this amendment, also the purchasing of vaccines and determination of the prices of pharmaceuticals on prescription will be changed.

Friday, 28. September 2012, 11:58

Government has complied with Ministry of Health and approved the change of purpose of using the capital expenditures in amount of € 300 000. Money was originally intended for the project of rationalization and restructuring of healthcare institutions in the scope of Ministry which last year should have helped their efficiency and transformation into joint-stock companies. Now, Ministry can use this money for the expert information system. This should support the supervision over healthcare institutions and ensure the effective financial management of these institutions. 

Friday, 28. September 2012, 11:57

Material proposing the way how Slovakia should move from the system of several health insurance companies to only one, is already in the world. Ministry of Health has submitted to the commentary proceeding „Project of implementation of unitary system of public health insurance in Slovak republic“. Material is still considering three possibilities of creating of one health insurance company, namely the management of portfolio, redemption of shares or specified assets or expropriation of private health insurance companies.

Friday, 28. September 2012, 11:38

Ministry of Health has submitted to Government the amendment to the act on pharmaceuticals contrary to the legislation rules. This is claimed in the statement of company Mirakl – the provider of pharmacy network Dr. Max. Ministry should have, according to this company, submitted to Legislative Council which is an advisory body of the Government the amendment to the act without the mandatory information about why it did not satisfy the public comment. In this comment 7 781 citizens have objected to the prohibition of loyalty systems in pharmacies. 

Thursday, 27. September 2012, 21:26

State does not have money for third increasing of salaries of doctors, on which the Government has agreed with Medical Trade Union during the last year's strike. According to the spokeswoman of Ministry, Zuzana Čižmáriková, in case of announced increasing of basic salaries of doctors would be endangered the providing of health care. Ministry of Health Zuzana Zvolenská claims that currently doctors earn above-average. State would, according to her, need € 37 million for next increasing of salaries.

Thursday, 27. September 2012, 13:20

Minister of Health Zuzana Zvolenská believes that state must set the network of strategic healthcare institutions so it could be able to ensure the health care in the case of emergencies. She also refused that creating of terminal network of hospitals could cause the deformation of the market. She pointed out that institutions in the network are excellent and irreplaceable in their regions or they are eventually supra-regional specialized workplaces.   

Thursday, 27. September 2012, 12:30

Current members of Board of directors in the Healthcare Surveillance Authority should be replaced by new people. Minister of Health Zuzana Zvolenská proposes to withdraw all members including the President and Vice President. This results from the material, submitted to the negotiation of the Government by Minister of Health. As stated in the material, withdrawing of members of Board of directors is proposed in accordance to the results of activities of the office with regard to the current situation in healthcare system and responsibility of the Government for health of Slovak population.

Friday, 07. September 2012, 14:03

Zuzana Zvolenská in online interview with readers of daily Pravda stated that for Ministry is essential that all money collected in health insurance will be directed to the healthcare system. As she further said, in the years 2006 to 2011 private health insurance companies reached the profit in amount of € 500 million, while newly all this money will be returned where they belong – to payments of health care of citizens.

Friday, 07. September 2012, 13:43

From the next year the pharmaceutical companies should inform about which doctors they plan to meet, or which they have already met. Lists should be published on the website of Ministry of Health (MoH). Doctors and pharmaceutical companies do not like this proposal involved in the amendment to the act on pharmaceuticals. Doctors are afraid that this measure will disturb the personal data protection. They also claim that amendment does not clearly define the aim, which the MoH wants to reach. Association of the Suppliers of Pharmaceuticals and Slovak Association of Pharmaceutical Companies also stated that such a collection and publishing of personal data represents an unauthorized intrusion into privacy.