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Friday, 15. June 2012, 15:54

Minister of Health chose Adam Hlôška for the position of the head of Pharmacy and pharmaceutical policy section. She also installed him into the function of President of Categorization Committee for Pharmaceuticals. In this position he was in 2008-2010 and then he returned to the pharmaceutical company Abbot Laboratories. Former Minister of Health Ivan Uhliarik points to a possible conflict of interests. Spokeswoman of the Ministry claims that in the case of any suspicion of favouritism of some pharmaceutical company, Minister will intervene immediately. 

Thursday, 14. June 2012, 18:33

Loyalty systems in pharmacies are threatened. Ministry of Health wants to submit for public discussion the amendment to the act on pharmaceuticals in July. It should include also the cancellation of discount programs for clients loyal to one brand of public pharmacies. Loyalty discounts system is allegedly pushing the smaller pharmacies out of the market. Critics of this step claim that state also benefits from the loyalty programs. Minister of Health Zuzana Zvolenská wants to open also another reforms of pharmaceutical policy, which was last year enforced by former Minister Ivan Uhliarik.

Monday, 28. May 2012, 18:52

Former Minister of Health Ivan Uhliarik last year claimed that prescribing of cheaper pharmaceuticals will bring the savings in amount of € 350 million. These should have, together with higher premium collection from people, ensured enough money for higher salaries of health care professionals. Ministry of Health under the leadership of Zuzana Zvolenská, however, after half year of functioning of new legislation called the Uhliarik's numbers as unreal. 

Wednesday, 23. May 2012, 18:28

Pharmaceutical companies are shifting the clinical examinations of new pharmaceuticals outside of Slovakia, what may threaten seriously ill patients. This was caused by the amendment to the act on pharmaceuticals approved at the end of last year. According to it the submitter of clinical examination has to pay not only the costs related to study, like it is in other European countries, but also the costs associated with the treatment of patient during the clinical examination. Threat of clinical examination in Slovakia was also recognized by State Institute for Control of Pharmaceuticals.

Wednesday, 23. May 2012, 18:26

Supervision over the pharmaceuticals for people will be tighten. This results from the amendment to the act on pharmaceuticals, which was today approved with comments by Government and which, among other things, takes over the Directive of European Union. Legal standard tighten up the requirements for the pharmaceutical registration holders. Compared to the current status it is also added, that prescribing doctors bears the responsibility for therapeutic usage of un-registered pharmaceutical. The proposal will be voted by the Parliament.

Friday, 18. May 2012, 14:43

Slovak Chamber of Pharmacists plans to communicate with the Ministry of Health and the legislators on the need for a soon amendment to the Act on pharmaceuticals. Legislation approved by the former Government allegedly implements many non-standard issues, which go in favor of financial groups, and not pharamacists or patients. Representatives of the Chamber submitted their requirements considering the amendment to the Act on pharmaceuticals to the Minister of Health.

Thursday, 17. May 2012, 21:31

Representatives of healthcare organizations in Slovakia today warned of the danger of increasing black sale of counterfeit pharmaceuticals. As they stressed, by the fake pharmaceuticals it is not possible to talk about the healing effects or quality of preparations. As estimated, 50-90% of pharmaceuticals offered on internet is counterfeit. They are imported to Slovakia especially from China and India. Most of fake pharmaceuticals is getting to consumers via Internet.

Thursday, 10. May 2012, 12:59

Ministry is in these days definitely deciding on the prices of pharmaceuticals, which will enter into force from June. Since then the pharmaceuticals in Slovakia should be the second lowest in the frame of European Union. Health insurance companies should therefore this year save tens of millions of euros. Recent estimations count on the savings in amount of about € 40 million. Health insurance companies should, however, save money also due to further measures in pharmaceutical policy. 

Wednesday, 02. May 2012, 14:57

Pharmaceutical companies warn that new redistribution of pharmaceuticals from July will bring higher additional surcharges for patients. They note that while insurance companies will pay less, the surcharges of the patient might in some cases increase by 600%. Ministry of Health was surprised by the reaction of pharmaceutical companies.

Wednesday, 18. April 2012, 14:29

For non-registered human pharmaceutical prescription should be newly responsible the prescribing doctor. For therapeutic use of pharmaceuticals the informed consent of the patient should also be required. This results from the amendment to the act on pharmaceuticals and medical devices. The aim of this measure is especially the adoption of European legislation. Legislative frame tightens the supervision over the human pharmaceuticals, market surveillance and sanctions for non-compliance with the relevant assessment.