Wednesday, 14. November 2012, 15:52

Medical trade unionists are against the creation of one health insurance company. They suggest that state should better give money assigned for buying of private health insurance companies for increasing of their salaries. They have declared this on Tuesday in front of the Government Office and brought the request for an early meeting with Prime Minister to the filling room. Prime Minister referred them on this issue to the Minister of Health Zuzana Zvolenská. Doctors expect from January also the third promised increasing of salaries. Government considers this as impossible. 

Wednesday, 07. November 2012, 19:55

Tariff salaries of employees working in hospitals associated in the Association of Hospitals in Slovakia should increase by 2.5% from October 1, 2012. By same per cent should increase also from January 1, 2013.  This is a verdict of an arbitrator Ľubomír Majerčík in the dispute for closing-down of the collective contract of higher level between the Association of Hospitals in Slovakia and Slovak Trade Union of Health and Social Services. 

Sunday, 04. November 2012, 16:54

Representatives of Medical Trade Union are asking the Government for the legislation guarantee of the third increasing of salaries from January 1, 2013. They are, for all that, not against the dividing of third increasing of salaries for longer period of time. According to the head of the Medical Trade Union, they insist on the legislation guaranty. Problem is, according to him, unreal conditions of Minister of Health Zuzana Zvolenská, which should go along with this increasing.

Monday, 29. October 2012, 20:01

Nurses came out to Minister of Health Zuzana Zvolenská with new requirements. They do not exclude, that if these requirements will not be met, they will launch the strike activities. At the head of the list is a request for a legal standard, which will replace the stopped act on increasing of their salaries. Nurses, in addition to the solution of wage issue, want from the Minister to solve also the distribution of the duties, as some hospitals avoided the increasing of wages by shifting nurses to the position of administrative assistant. 

Monday, 29. October 2012, 19:58

Medical trade unionists did not make an agreement with Minister of Health Zuzana Zvolenská on third increasing of salaries even after 4 hours of negotiations. Zvolenská claims that state does not have money for it. Trade unionists, however, insist on fulfilling of memorandum signed with former Government. They are not directly talking about the mass deposing, but their statements and actions do not exclude this proceeding. Through the questionnaire on their website they are trying to find out, whether their colleagues are willing to enter the strike again.

Friday, 26. October 2012, 12:17

Memorandum signed by former Government guaranteed doctors the New Year's increasing of their wages. According to Zvolenská, there is, however, a lack of money, so she wants to postpone it, untill one health insurance company will be implemented. This should start working from January or July 2014. It is not excluded, that last increasing of salaries of doctors will be hold off until 2015. Ministry of Health refuses to talk about the details of its proposal with the media. 

Friday, 19. October 2012, 22:36

Proposal of Minister of Health Zuzana Zvolenská for third wave of increasing of salaries of doctors, to which the Government committed itself in memorandum, is already in the world. Ministry and Medical Trade Union are, however, very careful in their expressions, any of this parties do not want to introduce the details of this proposal. Spokeswoman of the Ministry of Health, Zuzana Čižmáriková, said that they firstly want to discuss on this issue with doctors and only afterwards with public. 

Thursday, 18. October 2012, 16:56

Nurses could imagine the solution of the situation, which has occurred regarding the act on their minimum wages, also by creation of new legislation measure. This proposal was presented by Slovak Chamber of Nurses and Midwives on the meeting with Minister of Health Zuzana Zvolenská. According to the President of the Chamber, Mária Lévyová, it could be a governmental or parliamentary proposal. Ministry is supposed to send nurses its written statement. 

Thursday, 11. October 2012, 21:33

About 200 nurses, midwives and laboratory technicians protested near the Constitutional Court. As was stated by the President of Slovak Chamber of Nurses and Midwives, Mária Lévyová, they are calling on Constitutional Court to immediately decide on constitutionality of the act, which has increased their salaries. Constitutionality of the act was after initiative of the chamber of doctors attacked on Constitutional Court by the General Attorney and Constitutional Court stopped the force of the act, until it will not decide on this issue.

Wednesday, 10. October 2012, 20:55

Budget does not count with higher salaries of nurses. Next year for their salaries will be necessary about € 135 million. Minister of Health Zuzana Zvolenská told nurses that increasing of salaries is unreal. Nurses still believe that in fight for better financial condition they will be able to rely on the act, which guarantees their higher salaries. The act was stopped by the Constitutional Court in July. Nurses have been waiting for moths for its decision. They are, however, not preparing a sharp strike or coercive actions.