Thursday, 27. September 2012, 13:50

Decreasing of pricing quotations for emergency ambulances caused financial problems to some providers. Decreasing of incomes caused decreasing of employees’ wages. An example is the Emergency medical service Bratislava, where in the first half of this year the personal bonuses were decreased. Decreasing of payments, according to the President of the Association of Emergency Medical Service, Ján Štes, affected all emergency providers. Their incomes have decreased in February due to the change of Decree enforced by former Minister of Health Ivan Uhliarik. 

Friday, 07. September 2012, 14:13

Nurses believe in fast and fair decision of the Constitutional Court regarding the law adjusting their wages. Slovak Chamber of Nurses and Midwives expects from it the stability of Slovak healthcare system, quality health care and social certainty for healthcare professionals. In reaction to the requirements of nurses the act on minimum wage claims of nurses and midwives was created and entered into force in April. Its effectiveness is, however, suspended by the July decision of Constitutional Court. 

Friday, 07. September 2012, 13:54

International Council of Nurses in the letter for President of Slovak Chamber of Nurses, Mária Lévyová, supported the calling of Chamber for fair solution of current situation in regard of nurses. Council has designated the situation with nurses as disastrous. It therefore called for constructive cooperation by the protection of health of people by ensuring of adequate number of nurses and midwives, who will provide the care for fair wage and by favourable conditions. 

Thursday, 06. September 2012, 15:59

Slovak Trade Union of Health and Social Services is asking the Association of Hospitals in Slovakia for 10% increasing of wages for all healthcare professionals with effect from September 1, 2012. As stated by Vice President of the Union, Daniela Pochybová, the Association does not agree with the submitted proposal of collective contract sent by the Union and justifies it with the fact that current financial resources do not allow the Association to carry out further increasing of salaries. Trade unions therefore turned themselves to the referee with the requirement to rule the collective dispute. 

Monday, 20. August 2012, 16:47

Total wage costs only on doctors in L. Pasteur University Hospital in Košice in June this year amounted to approximately € 1.15 million. After July increasing the hospital will pay extra € 50 000. Hospital increased the salaries only to doctors who did not reach the lower level of wage set by the amendment to the act on healthcare providers. Hospital this way equalized the minimum basic wage of 332 doctors. According to the spokeswoman, the management of hospital is consistently seeking for the financial reserves. 

Monday, 20. August 2012, 11:48

Second increasing of wages was not applied to all doctors. Hospitals were adjusting the salaries only to those, who until now did not reach the minimum wage set by the law. In the case of unattested doctor it is € 923, the attested doctor should receive at least € 1 461. Such an increasing was gained in their last year's nationwide strike.

Thursday, 02. August 2012, 15:00

Slovak Chamber of Medical-Technical Workers is asking for responsible dealing with wage claims of all healthcare professionals. President of the Chamber, Jana Strápková pointed out that healthcare system does not include only nurses and doctors, but also laboratory stuff, assistants, rescuers, radiology technics, sanitary stuff, physiotherapists and other workers. Without their work patients would not be diagnosed, would not have necessary examinations, histology and CT examinations made and would not receive pharmaceuticals and medical material.

Thursday, 02. August 2012, 14:57

Medical Trade Union is concerned about the statement of the Association of Hospitals in Slovakia, which is considering the submission of the act on wages of doctors to General Prosecutor. According to the head of Trade Union this is the way how to disrupt the social peace, which was achieved by signing of memorandum between Medical Trade Union and Government at the end of last year. He pointed out that by this step the Association will assume responsibility for the situation that may arise. 

Wednesday, 01. August 2012, 17:36

Similarly to nurses also doctors might lose their higher salaries. Association of Hospitals in Slovakia is considering the submission to General Attorney for investigation of the constitutionality of the act on wages of doctors. Association claims that acts on salaries of doctors and nurses are favouring only certain groups of employees. Doctors do not understand the activities of the Association and threatened that they will publicize “the reality” of private healthcare institutions.

Monday, 30. July 2012, 14:53

Radiologists from Trstená have in practice shown the errors of the law, which guaranteed the higher salaries for nurses, but did not consider other healthcare professionals. All seven laboratory employees from radiology department in this hospital gave the notice. Without them hospital had to stop the operations, X-ray and CT examinations. After a week of negotiations they have withdrawn their notices without the promise of higher salaries. Representative of radiologists, Ernest Urban, says that by this radical step they did not want to cripple the operation of the hospital, but only wanted to draw an attention to the salary discrimination.