Tuesday, 14. May 2013, 10:13

In 2010 Health Policy Institute and rodinka.sk in Slovakia started Maternity Hospital Guide. It is a project to monitor and improve quality of care in Labor and Delivery Rooms. This project brings a new quality assessment in L&DU on the Internet so that pregnant women do not have to rely solely on secondary sources of information, but they can read the direct information from Labor & Delivery Units itself.

Monday, 29. August 2011, 12:53

Although the new government has in its program manifesto agreed with the health care reform of Rudolf Zajac (Minister of Health in 2002 – 2006), but it was not able to overstep the fear from private ownership in health care.

Monday, 29. August 2011, 12:49 and

The government of Robert Fico via its ministers of health Ivan Valentovič and Richard Raši established the trend of state health care. The result is financial loss in the amount of 382 mil. €, which should pay all citizens of Slovak republic, either in higher taxes or in higher deductions.

Monday, 29. August 2011, 12:42

We didn’t warn against financial problems of VŠZP only in our newsletter, but also in other media. For my statement in an interview for Plus 7 dní weekly, that VŠZP is “the most probable candidate for bankruptcy” and the merger of VŠZP and SZP I commented that “from a lame and crippled there will be no runner”, I was sued for unauthorized intervention into good reputation. But as the lawyers say, in order to be the good reputation damaged, first it has to be good.

Monday, 29. August 2011, 12:31

Ministry of finance published Slovak Program of stability for years 2011 – 2014 [in Slovak], in which it presents program of consolidation of public finance. Main goals of the Program of stability are:

  1. Lower the deficit of public administration under the boundary of 3% of GDP in 2013 (Table 1) and stabilize and start to decrease the public debt (Table 2).

  2. Fulfill the planned deficit in the amount of 4.9% of GDP in 2011 by realisation of consolidating measures.

  3. Lower the deficit of public finance to the level of 3.8% of GDP in 2012.

Monday, 29. August 2011, 12:14

Even from labor market – with big time lag – now leave some signs of recession. Right on this market they lived the longest time. The message about more than 2 percent growth in number of workers is probably the most positive and most important message about macroeconomic development in first quarter of 2011. It doesn’t mean definite and smooth turnover in development on labor market whatsoever. Information about development of unemployment are contradictory, same as the information about wages and incomes. Labor market is currently full of contradictions. We devote here the attention to two significant contradictions.

Monday, 29. August 2011, 12:05

Macroeconomic stabilisation becomes again a frequent professional and also political theme. That’s why we submit a series of analytical articles oriented on stabilisation of economy and consolidation of public finance. Professional and political elites in SR should have rich experience with stabilisation programs. But each of previous stabilisation operations ran along different circumstances.

Monday, 29. August 2011, 11:51

The development on labor market reacted with delay, but anyway very appreciably on the progress of economic recession. Similarly, as the parameters of labor market worsened with delay (after development of production), they will probably improve the same way with delay. This fact has negative impact on incomes of social security funds, including health insurance companies.

Monday, 29. August 2011, 11:43

Branches, which expanded in Slovak economy in the past, often had similar disadvantages: their production had low rate of value added, so undoubtful benefit of these branches to economic growth was connected with „turning“ a huge mass of goods. Health care has got other character: it has an unusually high rate of value added and its potential expansion would substantionally contribute towards better economic growth.