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Tuesday, 01. November 2011, 14:11

Doctors from East Slovak Cancer Institute in Kosice may use a modern and safer technology by the executing of radiation therapy of some cancer diseases. According to press agency SITA, the Institute purchased a special software for brachytherapy led by computed tomography (CT) or the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Brachytherapy is more efficient and safer method, since the radiation source is getting close to the tumor, thereby it is minimizing the adverse effects of radiation on other organs.

Wednesday, 19. October 2011, 20:18

Pharmaceutical company Zentiva in Hlohovec is for sale. Even last year, the spoke man of the concern Sanofi-Aventis informed, that company in Hlohovec is strategical for the group, because it is complementing the portfolio of original drugs by the generics, known in the whole region. Today, however, the fate of 800 employees is uncertain. After a strategic review of operational activities of the production in Zentiva the data showed, that level of utilization of its operation will be too low, to ensure its future.

Tuesday, 18. October 2011, 15:28

Private equity group Penta has openly included the network of hospitals on the east of Slovakia to their portfolio. This group is already investing in the health care sector. It owns the health insurance company Dôvera, Dr. Max pharmacies, medical laboratories, a network of polyclinics Procare and in the past also the ambulances. It was always a financially interesting and less risky business. According to Eduard Maták, the partner of investment group Penta, it will be a disproportionately more difficult challenge to handle the long-term loss hospitals.

Tuesday, 18. October 2011, 12:49

After the acquisition of several regional hospitals the investment company Penta is admitting a firing of employees, according to Pravda daily (12/10/2011). Hospitals will reportedly begin to provide everything centrally, as well as service activities such as cleaning, laundry and catering. And here is probably the point, where employees should be prepared to lose their jobs.

Tuesday, 18. October 2011, 12:39

According to daily Pravda from 11/10/2011 Penta bought the company Estate Consult, which is the 100% owner of the company Svet zdravia. This one is an operator in ten hospitals in the cities: Humenné, Svidník, Spišská Nová Ves, Rožňava, Trebišov, Michalovce, Partizánske and Vranov nad Topľou. Company did not disclose the amount of the transaction. Upon entry into hospitals Penta is reportedly preparing measures to improve the management of hospitals.

Tuesday, 18. October 2011, 12:33

According to daily Pravda from 30/9/2011 the private equity group Penta, which has already invested in the health sector in the past, has declared its interest in investing in this sector again. Within a few months it should start to buy regional hospitals. Penta is allegedly discussing in all countries of V4. It will be important, however, if the system will support the transparence or the state redistribution.