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Monday, 30. July 2012, 12:35

Ministry of Health has prepared an analysis of how the Government could create one insurance company. Material talks about three ways how the state could create one insurance company. First one is the leasing of insurance stock. Shareholders would thus still own the insurance companies, but state would make the decisions. Second is purchasing of shares or specific assets. If the negotiation on purchasing failed, ministry admits also the expropriation.

Wednesday, 18. July 2012, 9:57

Condition of Slovak hospitals fully reflects the situation in our healthcare system. Robert Fico's Government intends to change it through the completion of two large hospitals. Besides Rázsochy, which should serve to patients from whole country, Government wants to construct also the St. Michael Hospital for soldiers and policemen. The estimated date for initiating of the construction is second quarter of 2013.

Tuesday, 10. July 2012, 15:38

At the end of last year the Nitra self-governmental region started the negotiations with potential investors on the possible leasing of hospitals in Levice and Topoľčany, which are managed by the non-profit organization Nemocnice s poliklinikami (Hospitals and Polyclinics). They submitted their offer to the companies Angel and Penta. Region, however, refuses to inform on the stage of current negotiations and also which applicant should finally get the hospitals.

Monday, 11. June 2012, 17:31

L. Pasteur University hospital in Košice opened the workstation for preparation of issue and cell transplants. Costs on top-quality laboratories and outpatient clinics reached € 2.17 million and were financed from the EU funds. Construction works started in October last year. Costs on construction exceeded € 1.1 million and on medical and laboratory equipment reached more than € 1 million. Workstation meets the stringent European criteria and enables to develop and apply new scientific and treating procedures into the practice. 

Friday, 08. June 2012, 9:49

General hospital with polyclinic in Levoča opened a new oncology outpatient clinic. Month-long reconstruction of older facilities direct within the hospital area, in the surgery building and on the department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care was worth more than € 30 000. Oncology outpatient clinic was until now placed in the building outside of the area. Capacity of the clinic after reconstruction increased from two to three beds for application of chemotherapy, what will accelerate and improve the treatment of patients. 

Thursday, 31. May 2012, 12:22

Investment group Penta has launched the sale of its laboratories Alpha medical. Their sale is allegedly managed by Rothschild Bank International, which already asked potential candidates to submit their offers for purchase by June, the 27th. Company, which will receive Alpha medical, will become a strong market leader. There are few strong players operating in Slovak business with laboratories, which might be interested in purchasing of laboratories. Any of them will, however, need an approval of Antimonopoly Office. An interest was already openly expressed by the company Medirex, which currently competes for leadership in Slovakia with Penta laboratories.

Tuesday, 29. May 2012, 14:44

University Hospital in Martin will expand and reconstruct its Clinic for children and adolescents. Reconstruction in amount of € 246 000 will be financed from the EU funds. Company EURO-BUILDING got the contract after public tender among five candidates thanks to the lowest price. Reconstruction will also include the extension of intership rooms and expansion of possibilities of accomodation for mothers who accompany the pediatric patients. At the same time the children pavilion will be completed and intensive care unit will be renovated. 

Thursday, 24. May 2012, 19:38

In hospital in Vranov nad Topľov the reconstructed Radiological department and three new day care centres – neurological, internal and pulmonary, were put into operation. Providing of health care for patients has this way moved to the higher quality level. Day care centres are adapted to the modern outpatient infusion therapy and patients will thus not have to be hospitalized. 

Wednesday, 23. May 2012, 18:28

Pharmaceutical companies are shifting the clinical examinations of new pharmaceuticals outside of Slovakia, what may threaten seriously ill patients. This was caused by the amendment to the act on pharmaceuticals approved at the end of last year. According to it the submitter of clinical examination has to pay not only the costs related to study, like it is in other European countries, but also the costs associated with the treatment of patient during the clinical examination. Threat of clinical examination in Slovakia was also recognized by State Institute for Control of Pharmaceuticals.

Tuesday, 22. May 2012, 14:42

Faculty hospital in Nitra has a new modern pavilion. In the pavilion will be located internal, neurological a cardiology clinic, about 25 different outpatient clinics, laboratory workstations and central reception. Building required the costs in amount of € 16.657 million, which were covered by structural funds of European Union. Moving of particular workstations to the new pavilion will start during next week.