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Tuesday, 22. May 2012, 14:25

Antimonopoly Office of the Slovak Republic approved the concentration constisting in obtaining of indirect exclusive control of company Penta over the company Domov Zdravia. Company Domov Zdravia besides other things controls the network of 40 public pharmacies in 30 cities in the Slovak Republic. Currently already 136 pharmacies under the brand Dr. Max falls under Penta company. Office allegedly concluded that the considered concentration will not create or strenghten the dominant position of Penta.

Monday, 14. May 2012, 22:08

Completion of wide Bratislava hospital complex Rázsochy is according to member of Parliament for SDKÚ-DS, Viliam Novotný, inefficient and means defenestration of € 500 million in the situation when healthcare system desperately needs the resources. He admitted that Bratislava hospitals are serving out and it will be necessary to replace them. But he also added that for € 500 million, what are the costs on the completion of hospital Rázsochy it will be possible to build 8 new hospitals. According to Novotný this project will only fill the pockets of sponsors of Smer-SD.

Friday, 11. May 2012, 10:22

In the hospital in Humenné the reconstructed facilities of reception and outpatient part of children's department was today put into operation. Costs of building project reached an amount of € 15 000. Reconstruction of the children's department was one of this year's investment priorities in the facilities of hospital. Hospital in Humenné belongs to the company Svet zdravia, which proceeds in this year's reconstruction of a network of hospitals that are managed under the terms defined in its investment plan.

Tuesday, 10. April 2012, 18:51

Non-profit organization Hospitals and Polyclinics, which manages the hospitals in Žiar nad Hronom and Rimavská Sobota, is planning to buy a new equipment for the hospital in Žiar. Estimated value of the order is more than € 1.3 million. Hospital should receive the special medical technique in the frame of project of restructuring and modernization of the special outpatient care. Project will be financed from the Operational Programme Health

Thursday, 29. March 2012, 13:28

Ministry of Health announced a public invitation for receiving the grant support for the scientific research projects. Support should be in accordance with the intentions of Ministry of Health as well as with the recommendations of European Commission. Although applications should be submitted by the end of May this year, funds will not be available so soon. Given that Ministry of Health does not have funds for implementation of projects in the financial year 2012, subsidy may be provided in the financial year 2013.

Thursday, 29. March 2012, 10:57

Investment group Penta will probably expand its business in pharmacy. Currently it owns 136 pharmacies under the brand Dr. Max. Now it should get about 40 pharmacies from the network Domov Zdravia. Penta is waiting for the approval of Antimonopoly Office. Contract of sale was allegedly signed in October 2011. Transaction is still not completed. In the case of approval of Antimonopoly Office it will come to the settlement of the transaction.  

Monday, 26. March 2012, 17:57

Polyclinic in the General hospital in Gelnica will pass the reconstruction of the outpatient care areas and the modernization of technologies. Hospital has already announced the tender. Estimated value of the order is almost € 884 000 and will be financed also from the Operational programme Health. Project should be completed within the two years from signing of the contract. 

Wednesday, 14. March 2012, 21:20

Several Slovak hospitals, including Children Cardio-centre in Bratislava, are struggling with the problem of insufficient material and technical equipment. Children Cardio-centre, however, received a gift from the company S&T Slovakia – new special neonatal adjustable bed and the unit for improving of lung functions of babies and small children, which should help doctors with the care of baby patients.

Monday, 12. March 2012, 20:44

Children's Hospital in Košice plans to purchase medical equipment in an estimated value of € 3,499 million. Contract funded from the Operational Programme Health includes the delivery of special, highly sophisticated medical technique. Contract also includes equipment for clinics and departments including the services, which are necessary for implementation of equipment.

Monday, 12. March 2012, 20:40

The premises of transplantation laboratories and clinic immunology in the University hospital Košice were reconstructed. This workplace has a great importance, because of special devices used here by experts. Supposedly this is the best equipped state laboratory in Slovakia. Every year it carries up about 220 000 examinations. Laboratory is also significantly involved in the transplantation programme of tissues and organs. Costs on the reconstruction of new premises reached € 58 000.