Thursday, 12. July 2012, 19:33

The Constitutional Court on its Wednesday closed session adopted the proposal of Deputy of General Attorney to review the constitutionality of the act on minimum wage claims of nurses and midwives. Constitutional Court also granted his request and suspended the force of legal standard, which from April brought higher wages to nurses and midwives. Nurses are disappointed from this decision. 

Thursday, 28. June 2012, 21:12

Trade Union of Nurses and Midwives considers the proposal of General Prosecutor's Office as fabricated and purpose-built. As stated by the President of the Trade Union of Nurses and Midwives Viliam Záborský, if state does not accept the legitimate claims of nurses, they will fight for their rights by using of all possible resources. According to him, if nurses still have to work under such circumstances and if the value system and need of quality health care do not matter, nurses will have to leave.

Thursday, 28. June 2012, 20:32

From July, 72 employees from hospitals in Levice and Topoľčany will lose their jobs. The dismissing is related to the saving measures, forced by the increasing of wages of doctors and nurses. Hospitals belong to Nitra self-governmental region, which controls them through its non-profit organization. Each hospital will dismiss 36 people, mostly the office workers and lower health care professionals. 

Thursday, 28. June 2012, 20:29

Act on minimum wage claims of nurses and midwives is on the Constitutional Court. The initiative to review its constitutionality was on Monday filed by the General Prosecutor's Office. Office also wants the Court to temporarily stop the force of law. Prosecution attacks its conception, which is, according to it, not in accordance with the Constitution. Prosecution argues that in order to ensure the constitutionality protection it is necessary to take into account the fact, whether there are real conditions for enforcement of the law or not.

Thursday, 21. June 2012, 15:06

Parliament approved increase of state payments for its policyholders, change of risk-adjusted re-distribution of premium and change of solvency criteria of health insurance companies. Premium for state policyholders will increase from July 2012 to 4.32%. This is how the governmental reserve of €50 million will pour into the healthcare system. New predictor will be considered in the risk-adjusted re-distribution among health insurance companies – PCG as the proxy of the chronic illnesses of policyholders.

Thursday, 21. June 2012, 15:05

Nurses want due to avoiding of increasing of their wages turn themselves with an incentive to investigate the proceeding of state authorities and some health and non-health institutions to the public protector of rights Jana Dubovcová. The new law should have brought them the higher wages from April 2012. Since the Act entered into force, nurses and midwives experienced several intentions of employers for seeking of the ways how to avoid the fulfilling of the law, thus declaring of the minimum wage claim of nurses and midwives. 

Wednesday, 20. June 2012, 14:21

After nurses also labour inspectors warn that hospitals are not paying nurses their full wages. From eight hospitals visited by inspectors, nurses were deprived of their wages by the management of three institutions – in Brezno, Zvolen and Veľký Krtíš. Directors allegedly did not have any objections to the findings and proposed measures and made an agreement on the deadline of corrections. Nurses, who would like to have their wages paid, have to, however, solve it on the court.   

Wednesday, 20. June 2012, 14:16

Nurses are calling on the Government, Ministries of Labour and Health, as well as Parliament to urgently seek for the solution of stalemate situation, which occurred in connection with the fulfilling of also their wage claims. They also dislike the way of fulfilling of new act, which should have increased their wages from April. Due to the new supplements to the distribution of the duties they therefore do not exclude the initiative to the Constitutional Court for violation of fundamental human rights. They also want to inform the international organizations and ask them for help. 

Thursday, 14. June 2012, 18:35

Payments for state policyholders should be increased to 4.32%. This results from the amendment of Jozef Valocký to the act on health insurance, which was submitted by Richard Raši. Originally the payment for state policyholders was on the level of 4%. This way the reserve in amount of € 50 million created by approving of state budget should get into the system until the end of 2012. Reserve should at least partially cover the lack of resources in health care system for higher salaries of nurses and doctors.

Wednesday, 13. June 2012, 16:49

Ministry of Health issued a statement to the declaration of the Trade Union of Nurses and Midwives, which has accused Ministry of Health of the inaction by problem solving with ensuring the salaries of nurses. Minister according to the statement sees the work of nurses in healthcare as an integral part of providing of health care and stressed on several meetings, that she cares about the financial flows in system to be used for covering of wage needs. Ministry of Health is willing to conduct the constructive dialogue, but, however, refuses any coercive action.