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Thursday, 13. December 2012, 13:40

Svet zdravia continues with organization changes in its ten hospitals. Company Svet zdravia owned by investment group Penta, after operational changes and centralization of management of hospitals in Košice, is planning to change their medical focus. In approximately half of the year could be created new specialized operational centers for ophthalmology, oncology, neurology and neonatology in the eastern part of Slovakia. Since the takeover of hospitals by Svet zdravia the many directors of hospitals were changed. Penta is also negotiating the takeover of hospitals in neighbouring countries and hopes that in Slovakia will be more acquisitions in the near future. 

Wednesday, 05. December 2012, 14:43

The Government does not have a clear idea of  the new hospital in Bratislava, which is according to Prime Minister Robert Fico urgently needed, but construction companies are already ready to build. The Prime Minister either the Ministry of Health do not know whether the state will finish the hospital Rázsochy or build a new one. However, Fico estimated the cost on more than € 0.5 billion. Even without knowing the details of the construction of hospital the companies known from PPP projects like Doprastav, Váhostav, or OHL Pozemné stavby are particularly interested in this project. Other companies such as Skanska SK and Strabag are still waiting on more details of the project to make an announcement. 

Wednesday, 28. November 2012, 11:28

Children's Faculty Hospital in Bratislava obtained thanks to the Association for Oncology a new device worth € 10 000, which will facilitate the examination of minimal residual disease, help patients and facilitate the work of experts. This method belongs to the most modern approaches in the treatment of leukemia. New device will save a whole day work of many workers and it is a part of the complex of examinations. 

Wednesday, 21. November 2012, 20:44

Factory producing pharmaceuticals in Hlohovec is being bought by the Czech-Slovak investment group Wood & Company. Final contract on the take-over of the factory was allegedly already signed. Financial group has created a new separate company – Wood Pharma Holding, for taking over of the factory. Financial group is taking over the biggest Slovak pharmaceutical factory with almost 1 000 employees and with annual revenues exceeding € 200 million. 

Friday, 16. November 2012, 15:21

New central reception and department of anaesthesiology and intensive care in hospital Malacky will improve the quality of services not only for residents of Malacky, but also for the whole region Záhorie, including the west neighbourhoods of Bratislava. Reconstruction project lasted two years. It was financed by Bratislava region in cooperation with private company Nemocničná, Inc. Cost on reconstruction amounted to € 4.5 million. Reconstruction was carried out according to the plan and during its realization there was no discontinuation of providing of health care. 

Thursday, 15. November 2012, 15:02

National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases, Inc. is preparing the building-up of a new cardio-centre in the neighbourhood of its premises in Bratislava - Kramáre. Investment should totally reach € 43 million. New project of Children Cardio-centre has allegedly 5 floors and total area including technical facilities will have 10 162 square meters. The bed capacity should increase, what should lead to reducing of waiting periods for the necessary interventions. 

Tuesday, 06. November 2012, 18:49

Without systematic changes in healthcare system the loss of three hospitals in the scope of Trenčín self-governmental region will this year reach the amount of € 5.5 – 6 million. This is an opinion of director of hospital in Prievidza, Ladislav Gerlich. Region still wants to get a rid of hospitals in Považská Bystrica, Myjava and Bojnice and return them back to state. According to Gerlich, this is a system problem, as the legislation adjustments of minimum wage claims of healthcare professionals were adopted and the costs of salaries automatically increase the costs of hospitals.  

Tuesday, 06. November 2012, 17:44

Self-governmental regions are selling the last polyclinics. Next year they should all, apart from few exceptions, end up as private or city property. Self-governmental regions started to get clear of these institutions more than five years ago. Somewhere the polyclinics operate under the new owner better, but there are also some examples, when the sale has not ended well. New owner has not kept the doctors in polyclinics in Poltár, Tornaľa or Fiľakovo. This was at the expense of the patient, who has to travel throughout the city to get the health care. 

Friday, 26. October 2012, 12:20

Hospital in Poprad opened ten new operating rooms. Reconstruction and technological modernization was worth more than € 16 million, while the most of it was covered by resources from EU funds. Management of the hospital expects that change will bring the improving of the quality of services and shortening of waiting times. EU in the frame of Operational program Health contributed to rebuilding with € 13.95 million.  

Tuesday, 16. October 2012, 20:02

Investment group Penta has sold medical laboratories in Slovakia and Czech republic – Alpha Medical, Inc. and also the Polish branch of laboratories – Alpha medical Polska Sp. Z.o.o. Buyer is an investment group Mid Europa Partners. Both investors do not want to publish the amount of the transaction. The sale is for now a subject to the approval by the antimonopoly offices.